Have you been dreaming of a culinary stopover in the heart of nature ? Well, you’ve arrived.

Zion St-Barth restaurant

Zion St-Barth, its name already resonates as an authentic destination...

Zion St-Barth restaurant
Zion St-Barth restaurant
Zion St-Barth restaurant

Treat yourself !

Tropical decoration, a blend of vegetation and natural materials, everything is here to offer you an exotic and pampering break.
Zion St-Barth restaurant

The Zion Dining Room

Tuesday to Saturday

Evening Service

From 18:30 to 22:00

Online reservation & Phone

The Chef's table !

Tuesday to Saturday
From 18:30 to 22:00

Reservation by phone only
+590 590 276 362

A unique menu at the chef's table !

Visit the Zion !

Remy de Haenen (SBH),

Time zone


25 km²


Amérique du Nord

Average annual temperature

English & French
$ Dollar € Euro 

Centre VAVAL, Baie de Saint Jean,
Saint-Barthélemy 97133
French Antilles

+590 590 276 362

Zion's Philosophy

Our Philosophy

ZION Saint Barth is also a bucolic haven of casual elegance.

Tropical decoration, a bohemian setting, a blend of vegetation and natural materials, everything is here to offer you an exotic and pampering break.

But the voyage doesn’t stop there, because at ZION Saint Barth, ours is an eco-friendly philosophy, and you only have to open your eyes to notice !

Our Food

Between white sand, jungle and ocean, ZION Saint Barth invites you to discover a sophisticated cuisine full of exoticism and simplicity. 

Spicy flavours that will awaken your taste buds to Caribbean colours and stimulate your senses, everything here has been conceived as an invitation to travel.
Our chef constructs his dishes to offer you modern cuisine inspired by the ever-changing world. 

Our Universe

 Lamps made of recycled paper, furniture in coconut timber, a ceiling in cellulose fibres and even letters on our sign made from recycled oil cans... Every detail counts.

To give real meaning to this environmentally-friendly approach, we also created a green wall decorated with aromatic plants native to the island as well as a life-size fresco.
Welcome to the Zion's universe


"And if you want to take part in this beautiful adventure, treat yourself to a ZION sticker, the proceeds of which will go to the

"Island Nature Saint Barth Association Experiences."

Zion St-Barth

Zion St-Barth restaurant

@Zion St-barth restaurant